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Product List

Cutting Wheels


Ultra Thin Metal Cutting
Metal Cutting Wheels

Metal Low Speed Cutting Wheels
Metal High Speed Cutting Wheels
Metal Depressed Centre Cutting Wheels
Ultra Thin Iron Free Combination Cutting Wheels

Ultra Thin Inox Cutting
Iron Free Low Speed Cutting Wheels
Masonry Cutting Wheels
Masonry High Speed Cutting Wheels
Masonry Depressed Centre Cutting Wheels

T.C.T. Blades

T.C.T. Multicutter Blades

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Planer Blades

Grinding Wheels
Diamond Wheels

Metal Grinding Wheels

Masonry Grinding Wheels
Iron Free Grinding Wheels

HA Flexible/Finishing Grinding Discs

Vitrified Grinding Wheels

  - Alox

  - White Alox

  - Silicon Carbide

Continuous Rim Blades

Electro Plated Blades

Segmented Diamond Blades 100mm-500mm

  - Bitumen/Ashphalt Blades

  - Cast iron Blades

  - Granite Blades

  - Green Concrete Blades

  - Reinforced Concrete Blades

  - Ring Blade

  - Sandstone Blade

  - Silent Blades

Turbo Blades

  - Thin Turbo Blades

  - Super Turbo Blades

  - Green Concrete Turbo Blades

  - Wave Turbo Blades

Diamond Products

Turbo Cup Wheels

Segmented Double Row Cup Wheels

Tuck Pointing Blades

Wedge Blocks

C.U.B. Concrete FInishing Machine

  - Grinding Plate

  - Wedge Blocks

Diamond Core Drill Machines

Core Bits


Sandpaper Sheets

Free Cut Sheets

   - Alox 230mm x 280mm

Wet & Dry Sheets

   - Silcon Carbide 230mm x 280mm

Orbital Sheets

   - 93mm x 230

   - 115mm x 280mm


Sanding Belts

Alox Belts

  - File Belts

  - Linishing Belts

  - Portable Belts

    Large Range of sizes & Grits

Zirconia Belts

  - File Belts

  - Linishing Belts

  - Portable Belts

    Large Range of sizes & Grits

Belt Cleaning Sticks


Sanding Rolls

Cloth Rolls / J Flex

Economy (u rolls) Rolls

Mesh Rolls / Plumbers Cloth

Paper Rolls

Velcro Rolls

Sanding Discs



Velcro Sanding Discs

  - From size 125mm - 405mm

  - 0 hole - 9 hole

   - Back Up Pads also available

Velcro Starter Material

Dry Wall Sanding Discs

Resin Fibre Discs

  - Alox

  - Zirconia

  - Back Up Pads also available

Flap Discs

Semi Flexible Discs


Blocks & Sponges


  - Square

  - Angled

  - Rounded


  - Soft, High Density

  - Various Grits

Floor Sanding


   - Edger

   - Paper

   - Velcro

   - Gritscreen

   - Finishing Pads


   - Alox

   - Zirconia


   - Notched (Hiretech)

   - Silverline

   - PSA (Sticky Backed)

   - Gritscreen

   - Finishing Pads


Non-Woven Abrasives

Belts - Surface Conditioning Material (SCM)

Discs - SCM

   - Velcro

   - Roloc

   - Back Up Pads

Strip & Clean Discs

   - Flat

   - D/C



Extension Leads 5M - 30M

Repair Leads

Custom Printing on Leads

Plugs & Sockets

Powerpoints & Switches



Welding Electrodes

Welding Gloves

Welding Shields

Welding Tools

Buffing & Polishing



   - Sisal

   - Loose

   - Stitched

Flap Discs







Safety Tread for Flooring

Hand Cleaning Products

Sendy Hand Cleaning Wipes (no water required)

Macro Cream Hand Cleanser 1ltr

Macro Cream Hand Cleanser 3ltr - T-Box w Pump

Macro Cream Hand Cleanser 5ltr - T-Box w Pump

Macro Cream Hand Cleanser 20ltr - w Pump


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